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Feeding the hungry
Love is a hot serving of soup on a freezing morning

Hot soup for the homeless
Or the gift of warmth for old people in need.

blankets for the elderly

Are you feeling winter’s bite?

You’ve probably noticed that night falls early … and temperatures plummet as soon as the sun goes down. But, if you’re among of the fortunate ones, it just means snuggling on the couch in your cosy, weatherproof home. Unpacking extra blankets, warm jackets and jerseys. And stocking up with ingredients for hearty meals of stews and soups.


But for poor people who live on the streets – or call a flimsy shack of wood and tin home – winter brings real hardship. Possibly even death.  Because, there’s no escape from the freezing cold. It finds its way through the cracks in the walls and whistles across the icy pavements past the doorways where people huddle.


Some have only a thread-bare jacket or hoodie for protection. And holes in their worn out shoes … if they even have shoes. Very few can look forward to a proper, steaming hot meal to warm them on the inside.


Knowing that our Lord never turned His back on poor people in need, members of the Society of St Vincent de Paul seek out those who are suffering. We provide hundreds of warm meals at soup kitchens across South Africa. And hand out donations of warm clothing, beanies and blankets to the poorest of the poor.


But we need the kindness of strangers … people like you … to help too. If you can donate R250 now, we’ll use it to buy a warm blanket or a pair of takkies for someone who’s freezing.


Larger donations help ensure we never have to turn away someone in need. And smaller donations help buy extra rice, meat and vegetables for our soup kitchens.

Donate now

So please, will you make your donation online now?


How can we enjoy our own blessings when others are suffering? At the very least, we must make sure that no one goes hungry. Your gift of a hot, nourishing meal today makes all the difference.


Thank you and may God bless you.

Heart of our work

Our core work involves alleviating the worst human suffering in areas of abject poverty – where families live in homes made of cardboard or thin plastic … where unemployment and malnutrition is rife … and where parents are dying and leaving children to care for one another.

We help the hungry, the homeless, the sick, vulnerable children and destitute aged.

And because most of the work is done by volunteers, almost every cent you donate goes directly to helping those in need.

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