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On Friday 13 May 2022 Ronelle Govender, Central Council President for Durban,  was interviewed on Mike Mahony’s Living the Scriptures programme on Radio Veritas.

She spoke of the need to support flood victims, many of whom have lost loved ones and everything they possess. Click the play button below to listen to the interview.

Flood disaster
When the floodwaters rose, many people lost everything they owned.

flood damage
Roads and bridges, houses and factories have been destroyed.

emergency aid

Eight days after the floods …

People in KwaZulu-Natal are still counting the cost. Over 440 men, women and children lost their lives. 48 are still missing, with loved ones searching desperately through the mud and rubble … praying for a miracle. Some may never be found, denying loved ones the small comfort of closure.


12 000 homes were damaged or completely destroyed … along with every possession belonging to the home owners. Imagine being left with absolutely nothing. Not even a change of clothes, a blanket to keep out the freezing wind and rain, or a scrap of food.


Power flickers off and on.  Many people have been without piped water since Monday 11 April. Some communities are completely cut off after access roads and bridges washed away.


From ‘Toti to Tongaat, Shongweni to the Bluff, members of the St Vincent de Paul Society are rolling up their sleeves to help relieve some of the misery.


And we need help urgently from people like you. Please help us respond to this emergency by making a donation online right now.

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Donations of blankets and clothing, household utensils, bottled water and essential staples like maize meal, rice, sugar, canned fish and meat are urgently needed.


But, because it’s difficult to transport items from around the country to KZN, monetary donations would be best, so we can get help to teams at the coalface.


Please partner with us to provide emergency relief for people who’ve suffered misery and trauma over the past week. We’re on the ground, working directly with those in need. But your contribution is just as important. Without funding, our ability to help is limited.


Thank you and may God bless you for your compassion and kindness.

Heart of our work

Our core work involves alleviating the worst human suffering in areas of abject poverty – where families live in homes made of cardboard or thin plastic … where unemployment and malnutrition is rife … and where parents are dying and leaving children to care for one another.

We help the hungry, the homeless, the sick, vulnerable children and destitute aged.

And because most of the work is done by volunteers, almost every cent you donate goes directly to helping those in need.

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