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7 Founders Film Festival

In 2019, the International Council General of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (SSVP) will celebrate 180 years since its foundation. To celebrate this occasion, the International Board decided to launch a competition called “THE SEVEN FOUNDERS”. In...

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Sewing for the needy

Initiated by Anne Knickelbein and Pat Rowe, who bring their scissors and sewing machines to St Dominic’s every Tuesday, the sewing group at the SSVP Hillcrest Conference has grown. Using fabric kindly donated by Sheryl Chessa of Celtico, the...

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Cape Town youth summit

SSVP Youth in Cape Town recently hosted a youth summit, aimed at introducing and unifying young people from different parishes. One participant described it as, “a blessed and good day.” It was a wonderful opportunity for the youth...

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