Feed the hungry

About 53 children under the age of five die in South Africa every day — and three-quarters of them do not live to see their first birthday. Most of these children die of preventable causes, with malnutrition a key factor. But malnutrition doesn’t only threaten children’s survival, it undermines their ability to thrive and achieve their full potential.

Feeding the hungry

Children are not the only ones going hungry. Many parents sacrifice their own meal to ensure their children have something to eat.

Whilst estimates differ, Statistics South Africa’s General Household Survey found that 7.4 million people reported experiencing hunger in 2016. A different measure showed that 12.3 million people experienced inadequate food.

Regardless, we know there are many, many people in our country who don’t have enough to eat.

Feeding the hungry is our number one priority. Volunteers from the St Vincent de Paul Society run soup kitchens from new and existing soup kitchens on parish or school grounds. We also deliver food parcels to families and individuals in greatest need. Contributions from people like you make this possible. Thank you for caring about your less fortunate neighbours.