COVID-19: Vincentian Family Statement

In light of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19), which has affected every country throughout the world, the worldwide Vincentian Family unites itself to the efforts of those who are acting to minimize the spread of the virus and ultimately, to eradicate it.

The Executive Committee of the Vincentian Family requests all members of our spiritual family to collaborate actively to prevent the further spreading of this virus. As good citizens, let us contribute our grain of sand and promptly follow the directives and guidelines of our governments.

With regard to the ministries and services that we offer to people in need, let us ensure that the needs of the poor are not neglected, especially those most basic needs of food and health care. Let us minister in a way that does not endanger our health and does not further spread the virus, but let us act in accord with the best practices and the guidelines that are presented by national and international experts.

Please click here to read the full statement and special prayer.


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