Fire guts home, destroys possessions

replacement furniture

At around 5pm on 7 June, Belinda Nhlapo was outside cleaning her yard when she noticed smoke coming from her house. Within minutes, flames engulfed her home and it was completely destroyed, along with all her furniture, clothes and food.

The authorities and the Ekurhuleni Energy Department were called and, after investigation, concluded that the fire was caused by an electrical fault triggered when power was restored after load shedding. The Department of Energy is still continuing investigations.

San Salvador Leondale SSVP members visited the devastated Miss Nhlapo’s home to deliver blankets and find out how they could assist. They discovered that Miss Nhlapo lives alone and is unemployed. She will be receiving food parcels for the next 3 months.

This kindness made Miss Nhlapo very happy as she feels that she is not alone in the community. Her gratitude turned to outright joy when two sleeper couches and a coffee table were delivered to her home on 25 June.

Thanks to all community members and SSVP members who helped restore this woman’s faith in humanity.

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