SSVP Durbanville: Hotspot Library Project

Hotspot Library

SSVP Durbanville has been working with and financially assisting this project for several years.

Terence, a Social Worker, who does tremendous work with the local youth in Kraaifontein, runs this initiative. He has converted two shipping containers into a children’s library and safe space for use for the children on the streets.

These children love reading! 700 children are signed up and are borrowing books from the Hotspot Library which is named after the area in which they live. In the winter months, soup is served to the children. We have supplied Hotspot with books, soup ingredients, stationery and well as assistance in building a library extension.

Terence also runs workshops for the children on drug abuse, domestic violence, etc. During the pandemic we supplied ingredients for a regular soup kitchen for the children, which has been run from the safe space.

Terence (pictured below) has obtained a second container as well as the partial use of a disused local school. Plans are in place to convert these to additional libraries.

SSVP will continue to support this project financially, helping to provide disadvantaged children with access to reading books and a supervised safe space while their parents are at work.

Hotspot library

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