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Howick Conference good works

On behalf of the committee of St. Vincent de Paul, Howick Conference, Lesley van Duffelen (Chairperson), Joicelyn Leslie-Smith (Vice Chair), Robert Forrester (Treasurer), Rosemary Forrester (Secretary), Aubrey Mack, Leanne Williams, Thomas Shelembe and Peter Hodgson – we sincerely thank all our generous donors for your kindness. The need is great and will get worse before it gets better, with every donation we receive going directly to desperate families.

During this difficult time of Covid-19 lockdown, which has affected all our lives, we have
been receiving parcels at the gate of Eagle Ridge Estate and EFT deposits into the St. Vincent de Paul bank account. As we do not always know who our donors are, we have not been able to thank you personally. Fr Scott would normally express our thanks at Mass. But this year everything has changed, not only in Howick, but all over the world.

Families with pre-schoolers

St. Vincent de Paul has great members and associates who deliver food parcels, blankets, clothes and vouchers to needy folk in our community. Roshni Singh and her family have tried to keep in touch with as many of the pre-school families as possible, making sure they have food on the table. One of the serious aspects of the lockdown is that school children are not getting the regular meal each day which they depended on. Gloria, Leanne and Sherwin still run their weekly feeding scheme and produce hot meals and sandwiches, which are welcomed by the community of Thandabisi.


In addition to distributing food, clothes and blankets, we have also been giving out masks as many people are still walking the streets of Howick without any protection. These masks are very simple, made from rolls of kitchen cloth, rubber bands and staples. But they serve the purpose of protection in crowded areas and shops. We notice the older folk are using masks but the young guys are not taking the virus seriously.


We recently received a bequest with the request that some of money be used to help poor people in Mooi River. This was facilitated through the ladies of St. Martin de
Porres at St. Patrick’s Church. Prior to lockdown the members of St. Vincent de Paul, Howick conference, visited the ladies in Mooi River and they told us of their visits to Mimosadale and Brymbella Outstations, and the Bruntville Primary School, delivering food parcels and clothes.

Another project we have been helping is African Spirit, run by Judy, who visits Shiyabasali each week with food parcels as well as catering for pregnant mothers, AIDs sufferers and old folk.

It is impressive how many NGOs and NPOs are doing good works in our relatively small community of Howick. We may be small, but we are very caring!

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