Frederic Place

Founded in 1978 as a project of the Society of St Vincent de Paul, Frederic Place in Coronationville provides a haven for destitute older persons of all races.

Imagine yourself to be eighty years old. To be frightened of your own teenage grandchildren, who physically abuse you or steal your pension money.

Imagine having to find shelter under a bridge or in a doorway at night … being hungry all the time … and battling chronic illness without medical help.

This is the harsh reality for many elderly South Africans who have no where to go and no one to care for them.

Thankfully, they find peace, care, and a place to call home at Frederic Place. Here, they  can live the rest of their lives cared for by staff who treat them with the love and respect they deserve.

85 men and women, aged 60 years and older, live here permanently. Most cannot afford to contribute much, if anything, towards their care.

The residents receive three balanced meals a day, nursing and medical care. 20 of the residents require full time frail care. The home also offers additional facilities such as pysio, spiritual guidance and the promotion of active ageing through gym facilities and hobbies.


Apart from a small government subsidy, the home operates almost exclusively on donations and sponsorships from local business and concerned individuals. Please help us care for these dear old souls by clicking the button above to make your donation.