Restoring dignity to the homeless

Together with the Anglican Church, St John’s Brigade and Impact Bikers, the Sacred Heart Conference in Bloemfontein hosted a shave-a-thon for poor and homeless people.

It’s hard for most of us to imagine what it is like to live on the streets, with no access to ablution facilities where you could enjoy a hot shower, brush your teeth or splash your face with clean water each morning. Beginning each day dirty, wearing the same unwashed clothes really strips a person of human dignity.

In order to restore this dignity, we set up wash stations with hot water, shampoo and soap. Homeless men were given the opportunity to wash and shave and get a haircut if they chose. At the same time, blankets, socks and toiletries were handed out for these people to take away with them, giving them a little hope of a better tomorrow. Thanks to all who helped make this small kindness possible.

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