Sewing for the needy

Initiated by Anne Knickelbein and Pat Rowe, who bring their scissors and sewing machines to St Dominic’s every Tuesday, the sewing group at the SSVP Hillcrest Conference has grown. Using fabric kindly donated by Sheryl Chessa of Celtico, the ladies started making colourful t-shirts for children from needy communities in the Valley of a Thousand Hills and Mariannhill.

The first batch of t-shirts was delivered to Sister Helena at Streetwise, Mariannhill in June. At the end of the month, SSVP members visited Embo to hand out t-shirts and beanies to the children. At the same time monthly food parcels were given to families most in need.

Members of the sewing group were heartened to see how much their labour of love meant. Excited children put on their T-shirts and beanies immediately, as can be seen in photo. Embo parish members, Priska and Francina, who co-ordinated the handover, were very appreciative, and expressed their joy with many hugs!

The sewing group welcomes new members. If you are interested, either in joining the ladies on Tuesdays, or sewing at home, please contact Jenny Meilhon on 082 4995395 or 031 762 2013.

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