Soup kitchens bring food and hope to poor

Soup kitchen

Pictured above is the soup kitchen held at All Saints Church in Ennerdale at the end of November. Below is the project run by the ladies of Our Lady of Sorrows, Nigel.

Hardly a weekend goes by when one or other of our conferences take to the streets with huge pots of food, bread and cooldrink to offer relief to those ho are struggling to survive.

With over 6 milion people in our country unemployed, there are many, many heartbreaking stories of hardship and despair. A plate of food might not be the long term solution we all pray for, but sometimes this small act of kindness, coupled with a cheerful smile and a few words of encouragement, can turn despair into hope.

Thank you to all Vincentians who are committed to alleviating the suffering of their poorer neighbours. We’re sure that God is looking down on your efforts with great satisfaction and love. God bless you all.

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