St Vincent de Paul Feast Day

St Vincent de Paul Feast Day

On 27 September we celebrated the feast of St Vincent de Paul, the French, 17th century priest whose work among the poor and marginalized inspired our movement.

His virtues of selflessness, humility and zeal are a wonderful example to us as we follow his ministry of helping poor people because “God expects this of us.” Let us continue to set our hearts on fire with love as we serve the poor.

Thank you to all Vincentians who continue to do wonderful works in spreading love to all those they meet. We share some pictures below of Sacred Heart Namaqualand’s soup drive held in honour of the Feast of St Vincent de Paul.

We also remember all those Vincentians who have passed on. May they rest in peace, having faithfully served our Lord during their lifetime.

Namaqualand Soup Drive

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