Roles & responsibilities

Roles & Responsibilities of Members

As in any team, members need to be given particular duties and the Society is no different.


  • Welcomes and cares for new members
  • Offers support and guidance to all members of the Conference
  • Offers support and leadership for the other office bearers in their roles
  • Develops members’ talents and skills
  • Communicates with Members about events and activities
  • Co-ordinates Conference activities and meetings
  • Represents the members on the District Council
  • Ensures the Conference works from the spirit of the Society and complies with the Rules
  • Ensures the Conference Members are informed of, and adhere to organisational policies
  • Offers leadership and direction when needed
  • Ensures the Conference has a Spiritual Advisor/Facilitator
  • Encourages all members to pray and reflect on their work
  • Undertakes public relations with the Parish, wider Church and the community
  • Liaises with other agencies and Society Members
  • Identifies potential successors for the President’s role and other positions within the Conference

Vice President

  • Supports the President when needed, and assumes the duties of the President should he/she be unavailable
  • Provides support and guidance to new Members and auxiliaries
  • Takes on other duties of Members when required
  • Supports other Office bearers in their roles


  • Takes minutes at meetings and distributes them thereafter
  • Organises and prepares any correspondence for the Members
  • Maintains case records and statistical data
  • Liaises with the President and Vice President


  • Maintains financial records of the Conference according to the Society’s standards
  • Co-ordinates all money collections, including the poor box
  • Promptly banks donations or incomes and is responsible for payment of accounts etc.
  • Liaises with the District Treasurer or Society finance department Spiritual Advisor/Facilitator
  • Actively promotes and encourages spiritual reflection at meetings
  • Encourages Members in the development of their spiritual lives
  • Promotes the practice of charity, humility and brotherly and sisterly love at meetings

Twinning Officer (National Appointment)
Twinning is a Special Work of the Society. It takes place when councils and Conferences in more affluent countries reach out to help their Vincentian sisters and brothers with their work.

The three basic elements of Twinning are: prayer, correspondence and financial/material assistance. Assistance can be interpreted broadly and may, for example, include technical experience in a specific field.

Overseas Conferences may seek assistance with a special project which does not require a large financial outlay. The Twinning officer would then liaise with the overseas Conference to provide the support.

Conference Members
Members need to be aware of other responsibilities which help include everyone in the life and energy of the group

  • Liaising with the Youth on a District or local level and in schools. This may include supporting the school development
  • Liaising with the Parish and representing the Society on the Parish Council, organising displays and information for Appeals, recruitment and events and being the contact person for enquiries about the Society
  • Liaising and maintaining contact with Special Works and other volunteers and reporting relevant information to the Conference about Special Works or other Conferences where applicable
  • Maintaining contact and updating necessary information with auxiliary volunteers and liaising with the Secretary re statistics for recording and other correspondence where appropriate.