Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development

The motivation for the Members of the St Vincent de Paul Society is found in the spirituality of the Society. The spirituality of the Society involves both prayer and action.

We are called to reflect on:

  • The spirit and inspiration of St Vincent de Paul and blessed Frederic Ozanam
  • Living according to God’s will under the guidance of the Holy Spirit
  • Commitment to the Mission and Culture of the Society, which calls us to a life of simplicity, integrity, honesty and humility
  • Our experience of solidarity with people who are poor, marginalised or without power
  • Our unique role working as volunteers, and the richness of experience we have in entering the lives of others and honouring their story.
“Every person, as a child of God, has an irreplaceable dignity and mission as an agent of God’s love in the circumstances of daily life”

At Conference meetings, it is important for all Members to reflect on the work they are undertaking in the light of their faith.

By reflecting on, and sharing the experiences of each person, participants can be both supported and challenged to live out the Mission of the Society, to provide quality witness and service to those in need. The quality of service and the love of Christ will be reflected in the relationships among the Members and between the Members and the person in need.

Prayers, reflections, song, story sharing and more formal activities, like retreats, are ways to engage participants to explore their beliefs and spirituality.