School Twinning

Attracting young people to SSvP has always been a priority. Through the school twinning programme, we can expose them to our work at a time when they are receiving religious instruction. Since much of this teaching is about helping the poor, it’s the ideal opportunity to enrol them.

Children, in turn, are able to motivate their often well connected parents, who will be keen to help their offspring in the good works they undertake. The children also have the power to influence and inspire younger siblings to join the Society when the time comes.

Currently, when children leave school, they only have experience of generic or local charitable projects. By involving them in the work of SSvP, we encourage them to continue caring about the poor and needy.

School twinning operates in a similar way to business twinning. The conference’s twinning officer liaises with school staff, children and parents on joint projects. Schools in poorer areas are encouraged to identify a specific need. They may have the manpower to address the need, but lack the financial resources. Through cooperation with other schools in more affluent areas, they may be able to gain the necessary finance or skills.