We find them while they are sleeping

homeless people soup kitchen

When you want to reach out a compassionate, helping hand to homeless people, there’s a bit of a problem: how do you find them?

Since they don’t have homes, you can’t pop in for a visit. And for a variety of reasons homeless people tend to keep on the move during the day, rather than staying in one place. They may need to look for food, drugs or alcohol to relieve the misery of their lives … walk the streets in search of a job … visit a soup kitchen … or simply need to blend in with pedestrians to avoid being noticed by the authorities.

For our San Salvador Conference, the best time to visit homeless people is early … while they are still sleeping or at least before they start moving. The place where they gather for the night … an empty plot of land without shelter from the freezing cold and wind … is desolate. So a dish of hot, nourishing soup with some bread to mop it up is greatly appreciated.

So many are going hungry now that jobs are being shed at an alarming rate, as a result of the lockdown. We are grateful that we can touch these people’s lives with this small act of kindness. If you are able to contribute to the cost of ingredients for our massive soup pots, please click here to make your donation online. Thank you.

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