Worshipping at home

worshiping at home

Since the start of lockdown, we have been unable to congregate at our churches to participate in Mass and other church services. While many have adopted online services as the new norm, others have struggled to establish an authentic domestic church.

On Saturday 29 August Catechesis of the Good Shelpherd SA launched a series aimed at helping parents develop ideas for creating a church at home and encouraging children to pray. In collaboration with our sister organisation CGSUSA, we’ll be providing articles, videos and information to enable parents to confidently live the faith in their homes.

According to their website, CGSUSA takes this mission very seriously:

“We believe the most valuable service that we can offer during this time is to help families pray with their children at home and so continue to assist children and adults live a common religious experience in which the religious values of childhood, primarily those values of contemplation and enjoyment of God are celebrated.”

This page, which is updated regularly, is intended to support children, parents, and families at home and catechists in their communities and parishes and schools.

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